About Us

Nurturing Justice works at the intersection of personal transformation, relational transformation, and intentional learning about the history of the development and impact of racism in America. Our groups are intended to interrogate and dismantle the conscious and unconscious notion that there is a hierarchy of human value in the human family. We are committed to the sustained action, education and relational community building that is required for this  challenging work. 

Our Beginning: After being vetted and certified as facilitators in Sacred Conversations to End Racism by the National United Church of Christ office, in 2019, Kris Watson and Clare Twomey partnered together to facilitate Sacred Conversations to End Racism groups from as far west as Arizona to as far east as New York. This work bore much fruit as we zoom-toured the country working with both churches and for-profit entities. Nurturing Justice was inspired by the transformative relationships formed while doing this important work. A passion was cultivated to Nurture justice through relational transformation. Our Nurturing Justice participants are inspired to stay engaged and connect virtually with each other across the country.

Today, the work of Nurturing Justice is expanding with more educational forums, additional study and relational groups, opening up opportunities for additional vetted facilitators and those currently in training to work with Nurturing Justice, the creation of a Nurturing Justice youth curriculum, and ongoing opportunities for learning and connection through periodic book studies.