Who We Are

Nurturing Justice works with a diversity of talented and motivated people who are dedicated to dismantling the notion that there is a hierarchy of human value based on skin color. 

Our Team:

Lead Facilitator and Founder Rev. Kris Watson is a seasoned facilitator, mediator, mediation trainer, and attorney at law with deep roots in the study and practice of justice. 

Rev. Dr. Ruby Wilson: 

The spiritual guru of the group, Rev. Ruby provides sound counsel and a refreshing approach to the work of affirming the dignity and worth of all humanity. Her focus is working with African descendant people who are descendants of American slavery.

Risha Sharma:

The firecracker, Risha is a facilitator in training, an insightful thinker and writer with a keen intuition and a deep knowledge of the interwoven mechanisms of both individual and systemic racism.